The history of our product.


First VCI (vehicle communication interface) capable of connecting to all the control units on Iveco vehicles, with operator interface and integrated diagnostic software. Developed for Iveco and used by workshops for the diagnosis of their vehicles.


Second generation VCI developed with Eltrac for Iveco (the name stands for Eltrac Comunication Interface). The ECI contains the interfaces and protocols for the dozens of different control units mounted on Iveco vehicles and a wired or wireless communication channel (USB / BT) to a PC that contains the diagnostic software.


Powerful platform intended for preventive diagnosis in the field and no longer in the workshop. The challenge of offering a device that is permanently connected worldwide to CNH / Iveco / FCA plants and allows the parallel connection and monitoring of the various buses and control units present in vehicles during normal operation, wins.


Eurimaco is a on board computer for fleet management, developed mainly for public transportation but higly configurable so it can be used for a wide range of applications as for example telematics or safety.
It’s composed of two parts: ECU (telematic box), and monitor (optional)
ECU can be used as a stand alone unit when no human interface is needed and the hi flexibility allow the use of a wide range of monitor solutions.


NVT2 is an IP 65 industrial-grade wireless embedded computers, providing wireless capabities for remote management and monitoring, locator system with some interfaces for vehicular use.