DMD has been designing and producing on-board control units and devices for the automotive sector for 20 years.
The current evolution, from a simple vehicle to connected mobility and Smart Cities, characterizes the technological solutions adopted in our products whether they are for remote vehicle diagnostics and monitoring of vehicle fleets in the public and private sectors.


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Fleet Management

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Data Logging & Diagnosis

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Data Logging & Diagnosis
Eurimaco SC

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Remote maintenance

All our hardware are available with an integrated functional analysis web service.

In this way, regardless of the final architecture chosen by the companies, the customer can personally check the operation of the devices used and intervene promptly and promptly in the event of failures, knowing remotely what the cause of the problem is.

This important novelty we offer represents an important resource to make services efficient and to reduce the time / costs of intervention in the field.

Software Development

DMD is not just hardware, but our development team is able to offer software solutions for multiple needs.
– Embedded applications on Linux and Android operating systems
– Mobile applications on Android and Ios
– Framework for the provision of Web services
– Experience at the service of the customer for Custom developments on demand

This added value allows our customers to significantly shorten the time to market.

Some of Our Customers

Several prestigious companies have a successful business with our products