Eurimaco SC is an advanced telematic platform for telemetry and real-time diagnostics and localization applications for vehicular use. The high flexibility of configuration customized according to the needs of the application allows the achievement of high levels of performance in the experimental phase and places Eurimaco SC in the high end of the diagnostic and telemetry devices.

Eurimaco SC allows companies to collect diagnostic and telemetry data from vehicles actually operating around the world, without the need to be in the field, speeding up the testing phases and obtaining an unprecedented amount of data.

Eurimaco SC runs Linux as operating system. DMD can provide BSP (board support package) as a customization of the OS on each device or a complete solution with SDK (standard set used by DMD’s Customers or customized set) Application SW, communication gateway and web services for the integration with 3rd parties software.

Processing unit based on Freescale Cortex A9 iMX6 up to 1.2GHz quad core
DDR3 memory up to 4GB @ 64bit

Non-volatile eMMC memory on-board, for operating up to 64GB

Vehicle-side interfaces for monitoring, diagnostic and 3rd parts vehicle devices:
– 6 high speed CAN lines 1Mbps
– 1 B-CAN lines,125kbps fault tolerant
– 3 K lines
– 1 RS232 complete line (8 wires)
– 1 RS232 minimal line (2 wires)
– 1 RS485 line
– 1 serial line for tachograph
– 8 configurable GPIO
– 3 wake-up inputs
– 2 high-side outputs
– 1 microphone input or speaker output
– 1 USB 2.0 host
– 1 Ethernet 10/100

Communication interfaces for vehicle localization and other radio connections :
– GPS with dead-reckoning
– UMTS and CDMA modem / LTE modem
– WiFi
– Bluetooth
– Easy access to sim insertion and removal

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