DMD is looking for distributors in selected countries, so, if your core business is to sell ophthalmic instruments, you are welcome. Simply fill in the distributor inquire form; please indicate the company website and your exclusive needs... everything will be easier and faster! You will receive information on products availability (some products could be already under exclusive agreement in your territory), price list, sales conditions and quantity discount. If you asked for exclusive right, you will receive also a proposal of distribution agreement. After your positive products evaluation
An excellent result has been obtained: the percentage of products come back for repair is lower than 0,5%. The costs of expedition for repair are so zeroized and the profit of our distributors/resellers is intact, as the whole high satisfaction of the final customer. The feedbacks from our main customers confirm us that Vista Vision quality is very high: • "Our evaluation is good. The relation price / features is good, so I think that we can expect good sales in our country. - Yes we have received them and displayed them at the trade show. There was a lot of interest. We will be placing an order for more units." • "We've just the BLUE KIT connection up and I really want to congratulate you. It works fantastically well and will be a fantastic tool for us to boost our sales." (speaking about FAR VistaVision and BlueKit) • "We are very excited about your product and plan to sell many." (speaking about FAR VistaVision) We continue to receive positive feedback ... and this makes us very happy, thanks!! Do you need more guarantees? Ask an opinion to other distributors who continue to make business with our products. Have you tried Vista Vision? Please send us your feedback!
If you are interested in our products and would like to start business for an ongoing purchasing, you can ask for a sample. Buy a sample is the best way to assess our professionalism and to make a comprehensive product evaluation. The "Demo unit" is identical to the other, but it includes the refund policy! Your money for demonstration unit is without risk from your side: read 'refund policy' in distribution agreement proposal.
We understand your wish, but sorry, it's not possible. In any case, remember that DMD will refund the purchase money for evaluation unit if you'll send it back (read refund policy in distribution/reseller agreement)! Note that until now, this situation never happened. Remember that evaluation base unit is discounted.
We consider the possibility (usually arranged only to prestigious distributors i.e. Rodenstock, Carl Zeiss, Indo, Topcon ... or who is able to realize high quantity per year) to distribute our products not as a product, but under their trademark/brand. In this case, the distributor could personalize the product name, the logo, the serigraphy, the labels, all the informations inside the software, the user manual, etc., as it would be a product developed by the distributor himself. If you are interested in a product markable with your brand, please visit the ODM Chart System page and send us an email with the following informations: • estimated quantity/year • required territory limits we'll send you a proposal agreement.
Each commercial contact coming from your exclusive right territory, it will be immediately send to the right area distributor. We commit to insert your company name and contact information on our distributors page, as you shall commit to show on your website the products purchased from DMD (pictures and features). From our download area you can obtained high quality images of all the products (in order to insert on your catalogue), as other informations to fit in the product webpage on your website.
Do you need to download CE Compliance Declaration or FDA Certificate of Registration about our LCD Chart Panels? Please use these links: • CE Compliance Declaration (PDF) • FDA Certificate of Registration (PDF) Please note: Vista Vision LCD Chart Systems come with the “EC Declaration of Conformity” and the “FDA registration” at not charge for the Distributor. If these certifications/registration are not enough, the registration of the product according with the local rules, is a responsibility of the distributor, at no charge for DMD.
Sorry, we haven't any special discount. Why? Please read below. Some notes in order you can understand how DMD works: • We provide quality service and quality professional equipments at low prices, a lot lower than competitors' same level products. • We are designer and manufacturer, no simply reseller: we give an high added value to our goods and we reserve the right to a low margin. Our margins are typically much lower than resellers' margin. • Our company is already based on a low cost structure in order offer low prices and to help our resellers/distributors to make business with the best results. Please remember, DMD contributes to the initial work and efforts of the reseller/distributor with: • The unit price of the evaluation unit is discounted • DMD will customize the software (see reseller/distribution agreement) • Upon Distributor request, DMD will send by the Distributor headquarter a technician for training purpose Do you want to save shipping money? Read "How to reduce shipping cost?": see FAQ section "BUY".
If exists a distributor in your country, you have to ask a quote to him.
If a distributor is not present in your country, you can buy directly from us. No need a reseller agreement in this case.
Send an order by email, in accordance with the distribution/reseller agreement or the offer you received.
Please indicate:
1) your PO number
2) products description or products codes (see 'Item list' on product's webpage)
3) quantity
4) shipping preferences: your courier code or ask for a shipping quote
5) VAT number and delivery address

Within 3 days maximum, (usually you will be answered in 1 working day), you will be sent a proforma invoice, with the ETD (Estimated Time of Departure) as a PO confirmation.
The customers with "T/T in advance" payment terms, should send the wire transfer receipt no later than the ETD.
The goods will be picked up within the ETD. In case you chose our courier, you will be provided of the AWB code for your tracking convenience.
In case of direct sales to end user (i.e. not for resellers or distributors), the customer has the right to revoke his / her contractual statement without stating reasons within 2 weeks by either sending a receipt of the goods in writing (e.g. Letter, e-mail, fax) or by returning the goods. This period begins at the earliest on the day after payment has been received along with a copy of these instructions in written form. The prompt return of said merchandise or order satisfies a preservation of the revocation period.

Cancellations can be send to:
DMD Computers s.r.l.
Via Monviso, 14
10090 Villarbasse (TO) , Italy

Cancellation Consequences:
In the event of an effective cancellation the mutually provided goods and services shall be returned and, if applicable, any benefits enjoyed (e. g. interest) surrendered. In case the customer cannot return the received goods and services in total or in part or only in deteriorated condition, the customer has to, if applicable, provide compensation insofar. This does not apply for the delivery of goods, if the deterioration of the goods were due exclusively to their inspection - as would have been possible for you in a retail shop for example. Incidentally the customer can avoid the obligation for compensation by not using the goods, as if they were his/hers property, and by refraining from doing anything, that could impair their value. Items that are capable of being shipped are to be returned. The customer is responsible for the cost of said return. Goods that can be dispatched as parcels have to be returned at customer risk and expense. Obligations for refunding of payments will be fulfilled within 30 days after dispatch of the customer’s declaration of cancellation and the return of said merchandise.
Our automatic updating system "VUP" is available.
A VUP is a USB flash disk ready to use. It allows to update automatically the visual acuity systems to the last software version, in just 3 minutes.
Buy a VUP for each Vista Vision and the final customer will benefit of a valuable service: free update forever! For downloading click here.
Products delivery is EXW, in accordance with the distribution/reseller agreement.
To reduce shipping cost, we suggest you the following:
1) The new shipping service "direct to your customers" is available: you can ask to deliver the purchased products directly to your customers by sending us the end users delivery addresses together your PO. This means save a lot of money, so please consider also this opportunity.
2) Further, DMD stipulated an agreement with TNT to get very low shipping costs, probably lower than you could get (as we make high amount of expeditions each month). Ask for shipping quote. So a way to save your money is to order the goods with shipping included. Contact "Sales" to know shipping cost and shipping time.
3) DMD designed an ad hoc pallet, with the right dimensions to minimize shipping costs (depending on the whole expedition volume). We suggest you to buy parcel of Vista Visions of 3, 6, or 12 units, to obtain maximum efficiency.
Common features: all vision tests are designed and manufactured by DMD Med Tech. They have the same common features: all-in-one (embedded computer inside), distance from 2m up to 8m step 5cm, wall-mount, dynamic tests, calibrated greyscale luminance (precise contrast measurement), ... 100% designed and manufactured in Italy.

• FarPola Vista Vision (abbr: FARPOLA-VV) is the 24-inch Polarized all-in-one LCD vision test. It is the best for binocular tests (in positive polarization), MKH tests. It includes a large variety of monocular tests, Contrast Semsitivity tests, ETDRS, ... more then 58 tests. Read more: FAR-POLA VistaVision

• Far Vista Vision (abbr: FAR-VV) is the 24" all-in-one LCD vision test. Read more : FAR VistaVision

FAR-VV and FARPOLA-VV belonging to the fourth generation of all-in-one visual test designed by DMD. Read our success story.

VUP is an acronym for "Vista Vision Update Pen"
The VUP is the update tool, designed by DMD, in order to automatically update the Vista Vision chart systems to the last software release.
You can use the VUP in order to update FAR-VV or FAR-POLA-VV
VUP is not an ordinary USB flash disk! VUP is a programmed USB flash disk with an ad-hoc Linux operation system called openmamba, designed by mambaSoft.
The detailed procedure is described here
The procedure consists in 3 steps:
1) Update the VUP (if obsolete) ... you need to copy a file from download area to your VUP
2) Insert the VUP in the USB connector of your Vista Vision chart system, then power on
3) Just wait 3 minutes ... at the end, the device will be automatically powered off: remove the VUP from USB connector
Yes you can. The "programmed USB flash drive for free internet updates" , VUP can be used unlimited times.
Distributor or Reseller can use just one VUP to update all LCD chart system sold.
Just keep in mind that the are two types of VUP: one for FAR Vista Vision and one for FAR-POLA Vista Vision.
Be careful to use the right type of update key on the right type of Chart Panel. The VUP for FAR-POLA Vista Vision is labeled 'FAR-POLA' (written on the back side of the label).
Anyway we recommended that you provide the VUP to each end user: the free software updates supplied with the VUP are a great valuable service!
The procedure, as described in detail in the user manual, consists in 3 steps:

1) Update the SD (if obsolete) ... you need to copy a file from download area to your Secure Digital

2) Turn off the EyeTablet. Insert the SD in the SD card slot of eyeTablet, then press the power button and turn on the Tablet.

3) Follow the wizard. Once finished the update, turn off the tablet and remove the SD card.
Obtaining an account is easy: click "Dont have an account?" in the Login Page then compile the form and insert the S/N of the purchased product.

Where can I find the S/N of my product? The location of the serial number on our products can vary, however generally it is located on the bottom of the product.
- on the label on the cardboard packaging
- on the label at the rear of the instrument
- on the invoice / shipping documents

Our products are continuously improved to satisfy customers needs, free of charge for you. To preserve our efforts and to ensure this benefit for our customers we have been forced to introduced a restricted download area. The updates are free, available for all our customers through a login on the reserved area "Support-Downloads".

The BlueKit allow you to connect the FAR Vista Vision and FAR-POLA VistaVision to your digital phoropter.
  • Tomey TAP-1000
  • Huvitz HDR-7000
  • Huvitz HDR-9000
  • Axion SDR-3000
  • Pichina AV-9000
  • Luneau Visionix Vision PRO
  • Visionix VX 60
  • Nidek RT-5100
  • Nidek RT-3100
  • Unicos UDR-800
  • Huvitz CDR-3100
  • Unicos UDR-700
  • Potec PAV-6100
  • Indo eDR-10
Are you a Vista Vision (VV) reseller or distributor? Do you need to add one more digital phoropter (DR) to the supported list?

We propose you this procedure that we used successfully several times:

- we are able to try to implement the connection between VV and a new DR
- we ask you to send us a complete DR set (phoropter + projector) on loan for few days (7)
- after 7 working days we will send back the material you provided us and we will inform you about the possibility of making the connection between VV and DR
- If connection is feasible, we will implement it at NO development COST FOR YOU. Typical development time is 3-4 working weeks.

We need to know:
- the software version (this is important)
- the S/N of eyeTablet

Basic diagnostic / checklist:
1) assure that the last software version is installed on the Chart Panel (FAR-POLA-VV or FAR-VV) and also on the eyeTablet. If not, download the last available version and upgrade both the devices.

2) the bluetooth key “bluepen” (BT dongle inserted on the usb port of the chart panel) must flashing during search and connection.

Advanced diagnostic / checklist:

1) The connection between WIDE-N VistaVision, POLA VistaVision and eyeTablet is Bluetooth, instead the connection between the FAR-POLA VistaVision, FAR VistaVision and eyeTablet is WIFI. Please check if the eyeTablet is configured with the correct device in the Setting.

2) If you are using the FAR-POLA VV check if the name of the connection is the same ( "FVD000..." ). In the eyeTablet you can view this information in the mainscreen top-left, in the FAR-POLA VV go to "Setup" -> "Information" and at the center-bottom you can view the name of connection ( "FVD000..." ).

3) in case of high noise/interferences of wifi or bluetooth, try to use the “bluepen 100 meters” (supplied as optional item) instead of standard bluepen.

4) if you need more support, please contact your DISTRIBUTOR.