NVT3 is an automotive certificate platform developed for tracking telemetry and real-time diagnostics. It’s compact (12x12x4cm), light (290gr), rough in impact and in external use (IP65) and low-cost. It can be offered in “base” or “full” depending on the performance required. It can be also tailored with different configuration of hw mounted.

It comes in two different sw configuration:
Tracking and Telemetry
The software uses the OpenDMPT standard and servers or gateways are available to interface the data generated by the engine with third-party databases. The most common functions and those of DMD’s interest, are already present and generate events towards the server: localization, telemetry on can and serial, one wire key management, management of LCD display on serial, management of power manager logics conditioned to power states. On NVT3 it is also provided that the software can communicate with the customer’s programs or scripts, with the aim of being able to obtain information or generate events towards the server, without having to worry about all the communication part.
Diagnostic and remote maintenance
Set of tools that allows you to connect to the device with public tools (such as ssh, scp, telnet) for data exchange, modifications, updates, troubleshooting. The tool can also redirect a customer (network) service through an ssh channel, allowing you to operate on the device as if it were on the same network. The tools rely on a server on the google cloud or a server can be configured in the customer’s private network

NVT3 is the ideal device for application in small spaces and with low/medium data managing. NVT3 runs Linux as operating system. DMD can provide BSP (board support package) as a customization of the OS on each device or a complete solution with SDK (standard set used by DMD’s Customers or customized set) Application SW, communication gateway and web services for the integration with 3rd parties software.

The box of the NVT3 device is an IP67 plastic container with fixing brackets for mounting on the vehicle; on the front there is a diagnostic LED and it is equipped with the following connectors:

  • 48-pole IP67 CMC automotive main connector
  • SMA connector (BLUE) for connection to the GPS antenna
  • SMA connector (Orange) for connection to the GSM antenna
  • RP-SMA connector for WiFi / BT connection

Main features of the internal electronic board are:

  • dual power supply (12/24 V DC)
  • 2000 mAh Li-Pol rechargeable battery with dedicated charger
  • Modem 2G-4G
  • 66 channels GPS receiver F-Tech FM03
  • MX6 800MHz CPU with internal 512 MB RAM and 8 GB FLASHH
  • 3-axis accelerometer
  • four analog inputs
  • one low-side digital output
  • one power relay
  • one RS-232 interface
  • one optional RS485/One-Wire interface
  • two CAN HS ISO11898 1 MBaud interface
Download full specifications here

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