Complete Computerized Chart Panel
Two Applications in one Device

Operation Panel

Change the way you work! This 10″ lcd control console will provide you a perfect control of your LCD Chart Panel; no more need to look directly to the chart panel.

Some example to control the chart panel:

  • Touch screen interface offers great convenience for operation
  • Just a touch on the screen to go directly to a specific test
  • Graphical representation on screen guides test process in easy and fast mode
  • Simple display sequences and improved tests navigation
  • Simple masking buttons offers selection of a single letter, an horizontal or descending line
  • Buttons and slider allows to control visual acuity and contrast
  • Direct access to Polarisation Inversion, Red/Green and Black/White when available for the test
  • One button to change the crowding on letters, numbers, symbols and pictures tests
More info:

EyeTablet is available (as optional item) for all our FarVistaVision.
The connection between EyeTablet and FarVisionDevice is implemented by WIFI technology.
Do you have multiple workstation in the same examination room? You need an unique connection! Our Operation Panel is the right control console for you.
We remember that the infrared remote control always comes with the chart system. The IR remote control remains working also when the connection between EyeTablet and FarVisionDevice is established.

Near Vision Test

To evaluate near vision with three different exam programs (Reading, Measurement, Quality of Vision)

A new way to work: NEAR VISION TESTING with easy and accurate tests!
  • Near sight control application (40cm)
  1. Visiting programs:
    • Measurement: Duane, Adult / Child Grid, Red and Green, Snellen, Numbers, Landolt’s Rings, And Albini’s, Kolt, Circular Optotypes, Point Astigmatism, Dial, Clock, Balance, Circular Biocular Optotypes, Jaeger, Vertical / Horizontal Aim.
    • Reading: NVREAD, Newspaper, Telephone Directory, TV Programming, Leaflet, Bus Schedule, Map, Music Score.
    • Vision Quality: Fixation Point, Worth Lights, Anaglyph, Cross, Vertical / Horizontal Needle and Double Needle, Vertical / Horizontal Coincidence, Stereo Triangles (St), Stereo Balance (V), Binocular Vision, Cross, Mallet, Stereo test by Osterberg, Examination of the chromatic sense, Amsler Grid.
  • A single touch on the screen to access the desired test


Charts, ETDRS
V.A. range from 0.03 to 2.0 (decimal), 13 contrast LogSC levels, random, single letter, single line, multi line, red and green.


Contrast Sensitivity Test
“FAST 2-1” psycho-physic procedure
144 calibrated stimuli, 3 random inclinations, 8 contrast sensitivity levels, 6 spatial frequency levels (from 0.75 to 18 cycle/degree), graph report.

Ishihara Tables
(25 brightness calibrated tables)

Stereo test
(15 tables) to use with red-green glasses

List of Charts:

Optotypes: Snellen Letters, Sloan Letters, Numbers, Children’s Images, Tumbling E, Landolt’s Ring, HOTV, ETDRS tables (1, 2, R), LeaLike Symbols, Allen Pre-school, Circular Optotypes, Kolt Symbols, Contrast Sensitivity Chart (6 lines, 12 lines), Hebrew Letters, Chinese Ideograms.

Bio/Bino tests: Binocular Balance (1, 2) (RG/P), Duochrome Balance (P), Phoria Horizontal-Vertical (RG/P), Rectangle Test Horizontal-Vertical (RG/P), Stereo Triangle (St) (RG), Stereo Balance (V) (RG), Cross Test (K) (RG), Pointer Test (Zv, Zo, DZ) (RG), Cowen (C) (P), Osterberg Stereo Test (RG), Cross Test (RG), Differentiated Stereo D8 (RG), Mallet Test (OXO) (RG).

Other tests: Contrast Sensitivity Test, Sinusoidal Grating, Color Blindness Test (Ishihara), Red and Green, Worth Four Dot Test, Astigmatism Clock Dial, Cross Cylinder Dots, Amsler’s Grid, Random Dot Test Red-Green, Adult Grid, Child Grid, Row Bright Letters, Column Bright Letters, Half Clock Dial, Point of Fix, Maddox LED Test, Pictures for Retinoscopy, Photostress Recovery Time, Glare Sensitivity Test, Twilight Vision Test. (Abbreviation: RG=Red-Green, P=Polarized)


• LCD touch-screen 10.1 Inches, 1920×1200 pixel
• Elegant design with appropriate table stand
• Dimensions (LxHxP): 247 x 171 x 8.9 mm
• Weight: 509 g
• Internal rechargeable battery: 7000mAh Li-ion
• Connection with FarVisionDevice with WIFI
• Power Supply: DC 5.0V/2.0A


  • CE Certification as Medical Device Class 1
  • FDA approved
  • Luminance and calibrated contrast gray scale with certified measurement made by INO
  • Product designed in compliance with:
    • UNI EN ISO 15004, Ophthalmic instruments – Fundamental requirements and test methods
    • UNI EN ISO 10938, Ophthalmic instruments – Chart projectors
    • UNI EN ISO 8596, Visual Acuity Testing – Standard optotype and its presentation