The history of our product.


The H3 Wired Handheld HMI is the compact and ergonomic handheld with small dimensions and weight. Its integrated devices (Keyboard, potentiometers, handwheel) can be fully programmed assuring a quick integration with your automation project. H3 includes an emergency stop button and a three-positions enabling switch.


H4 is a small, light, wireless and robust mobile panel featuring a comfortable 5″ TFT LCD color touch display. A powerful processor runs Windows CE and, depending on the configuration, a SW application that manages all system settings and control. Stop Push-button, Enabling Device and State Selector are available on board.
All configuration and control commands selected through the keyboard or the touch screen display, the optional Handwheel and the potentiometers status, the Stop pushbutton, Enabling Device and State Selector status are sent by the Wireless handheld terminal through a Bluetooth R communication channel to the HCI.


Complete wireless programming terminal for robotics and industrial automation applications.
The result of the collaboration with COMAU, it has allowed DMD to acquire considerable expertise in the field of wireless functional safety in the industrial sector, achieving the goal of certifying the first wireless terminal in the world in the robotic field at TUV sud. It uses a wifi network created between the terminal and the numerical control, over which the application and safety data pass.