Project Objectives

Collaborative and mobile robots

Study of solutions for safe human-robot cooperation by use of advanced control algorithms, novel sensors and new mechanical configurations. Design of mobile robots for increased production systems flexibility

Wearable robots

Study of advanced robotic solutions to support human operators in carrying out their activities while respecting the most advanced ergonomic requirements

Adaptive Workplace

Study of technical solutions for human-friendly and self-adaptive factory environment

Industrial Internet of Things, machine learning, new sensors

Study and realization of new sensors, algorithms, methodologies and technical solutions for integrated control, monitoring and diagnostics of manufacturing processes, in order to improve systems efficiency and human/machine interaction quality

New HuManS paradigm

Collaborative robots, industrial Exoskeletons, robots for advanced assembly operations
New logistic models for manufacturing systems
Virtual/augmented reality, Voice recognition, Advanced human – machine interaction models
Adaptive workplace, Sensors for real time human movements detection
Sensors for collision prevention , Advanced process diagnostics